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Adding Prescription Management

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Adding Prescription Management

Adding Prescription Management to your account

To protect your privacy, we require you to Add Prescription Management by completing a one-time, two-step verification process. This helps ensure that no one but you can view your prescription records.

Completing the verification process

The first step asks for information from one of your CVS/pharmacy prescription labels so that we can locate our records in our nationwide database. In the second step, we use a process similar to that used by banks, credit card companies and other organizations to ensure that your personal information is protected. We have no visibility or access to the questions asked during this process or to the answers provided. The information will not be retained by us or any third party. To view your prescription records and access other Prescription Management services, Add Prescription Management.

Adding Prescription Management will allow you to easily manage your prescriptions online and access an array of online tools and services. These will help you view and print your prescription records, find detailed information about your prescriptions, set up refill reminders, and link your family's prescription information to your account.

Getting updates on your Pharmacy home page

Once you sign in, you'll find quick updates regarding your prescriptions and refills right on your personalized Pharmacy home page.

  • Available for Refill section lists up to three prescriptions and provides a total count of prescriptions available for refill. Select the Refill Prescriptions link to see all prescriptions Available for Refill in the Prescription Center.
  • Percentage of ReadyFill® Enrolled is the number of prescriptions you have enrolled in ReadyFill® divided by the number of prescriptions that are eligible in the program. For example, if you have 2 out of 3 prescriptions enrolled, the display shows “ReadyFill Enrolled 66%.”
  • ReadyFill® Eligible indicates the number of prescriptions that are eligible to be enrolled in ReadyFill that are not currently enrolled. This applies only to prescriptions that are unhidden. For example, if you have 2 out of 3 prescriptions enrolled, the display shows “ReadyFill Eligible 1.”

Viewing prescriptions that are ready for refill on the Pharmacy home page

As noted above, the Available for Refill section will only list up to three prescriptions ready for refill. Click the Refill Prescriptions link to go to the Prescription Center page and see a complete list of prescriptions ready for refill.

If you still don't see a prescription you were looking for, go to Prescription Details or select the “Refill by Label” option to refill using your prescription and store number.