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Prescription Details

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Prescription Details

Using Prescription Details features

Add Prescription Management to enjoy these valuable tools:

  • Prescription Information provides need-to-know details like prescription number, strength, quantity and prescriber contact number.
  • Current Fill Status lets you know if a refill is due, when it's being filled and if it's ready.
  • ReadyFill Status tells you if you're enrolled and lets you turn off ReadyFill enrollment. Not every prescription is eligible for this service, which automatically refills prescriptions.
  • Display lists all of your prescriptions and gives you the option of hiding prescriptions you no longer need for more flexibility.

Hiding prescriptions

There is a drop down view option called Unhidden/Hidden Prescriptions. Unhidden prescriptions are all prescriptions that have a display status of Hide and can be hidden if you no longer need it. Prescriptions that are hidden are displayed in the Hidden Prescription display list. Click Show if you need to unhide them.

Decoding the colors

Available for Refill, Ready for Pick Up, and Prescription in Process have the red color font and the hour glass icon to denote time sensitivity. Prescriptions with a status of No Refills Remaining, Expired, On File, Transferred Out or Inactive have the blue color font.