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Refilling Prescriptions

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Refilling Prescriptions

Refilling prescriptions from your Prescription Center

When you have a account with Prescription Management added, all you need to do is sign in and go to the Prescription Center. You'll get a snapshot of refills available for all of the prescription accounts you manage. Simply check off the ones you need and we'll refill them right away.

If you want to save even more time, you can enroll select prescriptions in ReadyFill® so your refills are waiting for you when you need them. You can request refill reminder and text alerts online, too.

If you seem unable to refill online
There are a few reasons why the checkbox is grayed out next to a prescription that you previously refilled online. To make it easier, only prescriptions that can be refilled or renewed (no refills remaining or expired) can be submitted for refill/renewal. If it is too soon to fill, the checkbox will be grayed out until it's time to fill. You will not be able to refill prescriptions that are on file or transferred out.

Refilling prescriptions for home delivery

To order refills online for home delivery, you'll need to Create a Account. Adding Prescription Management will make future refills quick and easy.

To complete your order, you'll need to verify and update your health profile and insurance information. (Your local CVS/pharmacy also may ask for this information.)

In order to safely and accurately dispense your medication, your CVS pharmacist needs to know more about your health. Taking time to complete a health profile will make your pharmacist aware of any allergies or medical conditions you may have and will enable us to give you the best possible care.

Refilling prescriptions for in-store pick up without an account

You're always welcome to refill as a guest using Rapid Refill. No account is required. You just need your store and prescription numbers. Good only for in-store pickup.

This is fast and easy now but won't save you time in the long run. If you return often or prefer home delivery, we encourage you to Create a Account and Add Prescription Management. You'll save time and unlock valuable benefits.

Refilling on your mobile

Use our mobile app to scan refills on the go. You simply scan your prescription barcode using your smartphone camera and confirm prescription and store numbers. No barcode? Choose Rapid Refill or Sign In to refill from your account.

You can use our app to manage your prescriptions, check your ExtraCare balance and even create a shopping list.

Choosing your CVS/pharmacy location and pickup time

You can choose the CVS/pharmacy location and pickup time that fit your schedule whenever you order a refill for in-store pickup.