Our symptom-based treatment plan is made for you.

It starts with a thorough understanding of you and your particular symptoms. Your nurse practitioner or physician assistant** will check for swollen glands, listen to your breathing, examine your ears, nose and throat, etc. Afterwards, you'll receive a personalized plan of treatment.

A plan that's part education and part medication.

We'll talk to you about your symptoms, ways to avoid certain allergens or at least minimize your exposure. Allergy sufferers will learn the importance of pollen count. If we recommend a remedy like an intranasal spray, we'll show you its proper use as well as techniques to stay on track. For many patients over-the-counter medications may do the trick. We can also write a prescription, if medically appropriate.

A plan for the long term.

A follow-up visit is always a good idea. We can monitor your progress and adjust your plan, if necessary. Your MinuteClinic® practitioner is trained to help you find ways to manage your allergies and get relief, now and for seasons to come.

*Ages 24 months and older.

**MinuteClinic® employs physician assistants in select states. See here for details

The best way to treat
allergies is to avoid the allergen.

Source: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America


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