Clinical Affiliations

Collaboration counts

Our affiliations are just another way we strive to deliver quality, access and continuity of care.

MinuteClinic® is always looking to advance the quality of care we provide our patients. Collaborating with medical systems in the communities we serve provides ongoing opportunities to achieve shared goals.

Through our clinical affiliations, we seek to:

  • Improve access to high quality, affordable health care services in our shared communities where our patients live and work.
  • Provide a collaborative work environment and relationship between MinuteClinic and our affiliates.
  • Develop programs around patient health education, disease management initiatives and ways to inform patients on services each provides.
  • Integrate our electronic medical records systems to streamline and share communication around all aspects of patients' medical care with their permission.

Our clinical affiliates include leading hospitals, clinics and physicians. While the list continues to grow, our affiliates currently include: