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Breathe Right® and sleep better tonight.

Breathe Right® nasal strips help lift your nasal passages and open your nose to improve the airflow the minute you put them on.

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No rest from congestion?

When your nose is stuffy, getting enough sleep can be difficult. To get the rest and recovery you need, try Breathe Right® nasal strips to get instant, temporary relief of nasal congestion.

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Don't lose sleep over your allergies

Breathe Right® nasal strips work to gently open passages, providing instant, temporary relief of nasal congestion caused by allergies. And they're safe to use with regular allergy treatments.

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90% of snorers reported better sleep with Breathe Right®**

Congestion can cause or amplify snoring. Breathe Right® has spring-like bands that lift and open nasal passages to help you breathe better and snore less.

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Are colds, allergies and snoring cutting into your rest?

Take this quiz to find out!

My nasal congestion worsens when I lie down.

I get congested around cats and dogs.

My nasal congestion gets worse in the spring and summer.

I have trouble sleeping when I'm sick.

I breathe through my mouth because it's difficult to breathe through my nose.

My snoring keeps my partner awake at night.

*Vs. decongestant sprays alone.
**Scharf et al. Ear Nose Throat Journal, 1994.
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