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Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

Price: $20.99
Sku: 856939
Size: 1 EA
Wt: 2.41 LBS
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Model V150SG. Up to 96% bacteria-free steam (Intertek-ETL Test Report 3120389-COL-001. Based on independent laboratory testing report. Results are based on the reduction of the following bacteria after 2 hours of continuous us: E. coli showed up to a 96.4% reduction; S. epidermis showed up to a 95.5% reduction. P. fluorescens showed up to a 95.2% reduction.). Relieves cold & flu symptoms. Steam Guard design. Twist & lift cap, automatic shut-off, large nightlight. Small/medium room size. 18-24 hours of operation. 1.5 gallon capacity. Vapor Therapy for Healthful Living: Water is one nutrient that all forms of life must have to survive. All functions of your body require sufficient moisture to work properly. When your body does not have sufficient moisture, it functions poorly. Dry, arid climatic conditions are usually the culprit. Colds and flu can further cause dehydration. Colds and flu begin making their seasonal rounds during fall and winter. Part of the reason for increased respiratory illnesses during this time is because the humidity level in the air reaches its yearly lows. Central heating units in homes and offices further remove moisture from the air. The relative humidity may drop to as low as 10% - drier than the air in the Sahara Desert. Most people experience problems when the relative humidity drops below 25%. A comfortable humidity level should not be higher than 50%. When you or your child are experiencing congestion, then the humidity should be kept much higher, 70-80%, during these periods for best effect. The Warm Steam vaporizer helps combat this excessive dryness, providing these benefits: Keeps your respiratory system moist, allowing it to fight off bacteria, viruses and pollutants; Relieves cold, flu and hay fever symptoms; Relieves dry, irritated and itching skin and eyes; Relieves coughs and dry, scratchy throat; Helps you breathe better and sleep more comfortably; Stops dryout damage to plants, paintings and furniture; Saves you money on your heating bills, since proper humidity lets you feel more comfortable at lower temperatures. Kaz invented the electric vaporizer in 1924 and today is the world's leading manufacturer of vaporizers, humidifiers, and other healthcare appliances. How it Works: The exclusive Vicks Vaporizer with Steam Guard design provides maximum safety, performance and reliability. The vaporizer boils the water and produces a pure, bacteria-free vapor which is released into the room. Pure steam vapor helps relieve cold and flu symptoms. The vaporizer will automatically shut-off when the water reaches minimum level. Medicine cup for Kaz Inhalant. (Vicks VapoSteam should be added to the water.) Triple wall insulation keeps tank water at a safe temperature. Easy fill water level mark. Quiet operation won't disturb your sleep. Large nightlight to locate vaporizer in a dark room. Protective Steam Guard design lowers the outlet stream temperature by 20% and helps keep hands away from direct steam. Twist and Lift Cap - Twist steam unit so that the arrow lines up with arrow on tank to remove. Exclusive non-rust carbon electrodes operate efficiently in any water conditions and require less frequent cleaning. Easy-to-use, molded carrying handles. Pure steam vapor restores moisture to dry indoor air for healthful living. UL listed. Made in USA.

Read instructions carefully.

Keep out of reach of children. Carefully supervise young children when the vaporizer is operating. Vaporizer produces hot steam and could cause severe burns or injuries.