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Foundation Matcher

Foundation Matcher

Finding your foundation match can be overwhelming — that's why we're here to help! Answer three easy questions to find "the one" that's perfect for you!

Foundation Shade Finder

Finding the perfect foundation match can definitely be a challenge. With our awesome foundation match finder, you can discover the perfect shade and products to help you achieve your beauty goals. Once you find the perfect foundation match, you'll feel confidence knowing your foundation is the perfect match. Read on to learn more about the foundation quiz and how it can help you find the perfect makeup shade.

Start with Your Shade Range

When you use our foundation shade finder, you'll start by selecting your shade range. Most skin tones vary from fair all the way to deep. Look closely at the foundation matcher to choose the option that best represents your skin tone without any makeup on. If you have fair or light skin, select between fair and light depending on whether your skin is cool or warm-toned. People with medium skin can choose the medium to tan range, and those with darker skin may opt for the deep tan to deep range.

Select Your Skin Type

An effective foundation finder will also include your skin type. Different foundations work better with certain types of skin. For example, if you have oily skin, you'll likely want to choose a mattifying foundation that can absorb excess oil. Certain makeup may contain ingredients that could clog your pores, which may make oily or acne-prone skin worse. People with dry or aging skin will probably need a more moisturizing foundation formula. Use the foundation quiz to choose between oily, balanced, combination, or dry skin.

Pick Your Foundation Finish

The perfect foundation match requires the right finish. In this part of the foundation quiz, you'll select your preferred finish type. A dewy finish will leave your skin looking bright, luminous, and hydrated. A matte finish is ideal if you want to control oil or reduce shine. Matte foundations provide a silky, powdery finish. Finally, the natural option will provide you with a clean, soft-focus look that appears as if you're wearing little to no makeup.

Find Your Foundation Match

Once you finish using the foundation finder, you'll see all of the products available that would match you the best. From your skin tone to the finish and formula, this handy online tool makes it easy for you to discover the perfect options for your needs. With the right foundation match, makeup can make your skin look flawless while giving you the finish you need to feel beautiful. Shop our selection of foundation today, and don't forget to take the foundation quiz to help you find the right products for you!