Man at home removing a packet containing multiple prescriptions from a CVS box.

Multiple Rx, one easy box.

Manage your Rx with SimpleDose™, presorted Rx packs at no added cost.* Each box contains a 30 day supply, delivered to your home* or local CVS Pharmacy®, all backed by trusted CVS pharmacists.

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Man at home removing a packet containing multiple prescriptions from a CVS box.

Here are all your SimpleDose questions


SimpleDose is provided without additional cost. To align prescriptions on a 30 day cycle, one or more additional copays may be required by your plan. Your pharmacist will discuss if necessary.

Yes. When you sign up for this service, your prescriptions will all be filled by CVS Pharmacy.

Yes. We fill and bill all medications on the same day. We will adjust your filling day to the date that is easiest for you to pay. Please let us know your preference.

Please notify CVS Pharmacy of ANY changes made by your health care provider as soon as possible to ensure your order is accurate and ready on time. Prior to filing your packs each month, we will also complete a check-in call with you to confirm your current medications and address any needed changes.

Yes. As a caregiver, you can sign up on behalf of the person you're caring for.

Any medication outside your monthly regimen can be picked up at your local CVS Pharmacy.

Yes. We can easily include over-the-counter medications in your packs as long as they have been prescribed to you. They can be transferred easily or we can request a prescription for your over-the-counter medication directly from your physician.

Your medications can be shipped to the CVS Pharmacy of your choice or directly to your home* at no added cost.

The SimpleDose program offers Auto Refill, which allows your order to be shipped automatically each month. To receive your SimpleDose box automatically each month, you must enroll in Auto Refill. This can be completed via your SimpleDose Dashboard under "settings," during your monthly order approval, or you can call the SimpleDose team at 1-800-753-0596 to enroll.

Terms & Conditions that apply:

  • Eligibility to enroll in Auto Refill is subject to your insurance plan, prescriptions, and/or state of residence
  • An email address must be provided and will be stored on file. This email is used to confirm your eligibility to receive Auto Refill from month to month and we will also send you a copy of these terms and conditions via the email provided. If you are enrolling through your SimpleDose Dashboard an email is already on file with CVS.
  • A credit card is required to be on file. The copay for your monthly order will be charged only when your order is processed.
  • You authorize CVS Pharmacy to charge your copay for each monthly order, up to a maximum of $200
  • If the amount exceeds $200, a technician or pharmacist will contact you for approval on the additional charges
  • You may cancel or modify your order, change your credit card, or cancel automatic refills of your SimpleDose box by calling us at 1-800-753-0596

Your medications will be packaged based on your prescriber's directions. If a time of administration is specified on the prescription, the medication will be packaged accordingly. Without this specification, the medication will be slotted into a time of day that is clinically appropriate.

Most medications are eligible to be packaged within the packs but there are clinical restrictions that will require us to send certain medications alongside with your SimpleDose box. For questions, please contact the SimpleDose Team at 1-800-753-0596.

There are several ways to refill your next order:

You can review, approve, and check the status of your order on the SimpleDose Dashboard.

Organized. Synchronized. Personalized.

Presorted Rx packs make your scripts easier to take. One of the many ways CVS® can help.

Patient reading the medication labels on SimpleDose box.

Getting started is easy.

Have multiple Rx and want to enroll? Here's what to have on hand:

  • A list of your medications and prescribers
  • Your current pharmacy location
  • Billing and insurance information
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Earn rewards faster.

With ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards, each of the Rx within a presorted pack earns you 1 credit toward ExtraBucks Rewards.*

*FOR NO ADDED COST CLAIM: SimpleDose™ is provided without additional fees. Drug costs may change when prescriptions are transferred to a new pharmacy or change from a 90-day prescription to a 30-day prescription. To align prescriptions on a 30-day cycle, 1 or more additional copays may be required by the patients plan. Patients can discuss this with their CVS Pharmacy® team.

*FOR PRESORTED RX PACKS DELIVERY: Some restrictions may apply.

*FOR CUSTOMERS ARE BETTER CLAIM: Based on 2019 study of national retail chain customer prescription adherence for diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia medications.

*FOR PHARMACIST AVAILABILITY: 24/7 in select states and stores.

*FOR PHARMACY & HEALTH REWARDS: You must enroll in both the ExtraCare® and ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards® program to earn Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards®. An individual can earn up to $50 in Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards in a calendar year in connection with the program. See program rules for details at or ask a CVS pharmacist for a copy. Rewards cannot be earned on any prescriptions purchased in AR, NJ or NY; any prescriptions transferred to a CVS Pharmacy® in AL, MS or OR; any controlled substance prescriptions purchased in HI or LA; or where otherwise prohibited by law. CVS Pharmacy reserves the right to modify or terminate the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program.