Smart Hub out of focus on living room side table. Elder gentleman sitting on couch holding walking cane.

Introducing the Symphony medical alert system from CVS Health®.

Monitor their well‐being, even when you can't be there. Help them be more independent and enhance your peace of mind by supporting their safety.

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Symphony makes safer easier for you and your loved one.

If a fall or other event is detected through voice activation, pressing a button or auto detection, a professional response team stands by to alert emergency responders.

Monitor their well-being, even when apart. In the event of an emergency, caregivers can be apprised via the caregiver app. Add unlimited app users as part of your caregiver coordination to both receive alerts and enable quick check-in calls.

Symphony was designed for quick and easy setup and use. With compact, non-intrusive components, loved ones can go about their daily routines.
Smart Hub located on kitchen counter in the back, while senior woman is preparing a bouquet of flowers and putting them in a vase on the kitchen island.

Now, select the bundle that best works for you and your loved one.

Once activated with your monthly subscription for monitoring services, each Symphony bundle can help provide peace of mind by supporting their safety in the event of an emergency. And no long-term contract is required.*

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Medical alert system products featured in the Essential Bundle. FSA/HSA Eligible.

Symphony Essential Bundle for greater home coverage

The Symphony Essential Bundle and subscription* includes:

  • Voice-activated smart hub with built-in motion, temperature and air-quality sensors
  • Care button they can opt to wear
  • Sensor with automatic fall detection for the bathroom*
  • Motion sensors to detect additional movement throughout the home
  • Free caregiver app to monitor their well-being remotely
  • Unlimited 4G service* for app-to-smart-hub check-in calls
  • 24 by 7 emergency call center support
Medical alert system products featured in the Basic Bundle. FSA/HSA Eligible.

Symphony Basic Bundle

The Symphony Basic Bundle and subscription* includes:

  • Voice-activated smart hub with built-in motion, temperature and air-quality sensors
  • Care button they can opt to wear
  • Free caregiver app to monitor their well-being remotely
  • Unlimited 4G service* for app-to-smart-hub check-in calls
  • 24 by 7 emergency call center support

Easy to set up and easy to begin using on day one.

Follow the steps below to get started.
  • Step 1
    Purchase the bundle that works for you & your loved one
  • Step 2
    Activate your bundle & subscribe*
  • Step 3
    Plug in smart hub & place additional sensors

Simple setup for adaptable home coverage.

Here's a view of a typical two-bedroom setup. Place Symphony at key locations throughout the home. Need more coverage? Consider including additional Symphony devices for more complete home coverage.

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Help stay connected and updated through the free caregiver app.

With the caregiver app, you can monitor your loved one's well-being, even if you can't be there.

Capabilities include:

  • Group chat for caregivers to coordinate care
  • Support for an unlimited number of caregivers
  • Alerts for falls, motion, air quality and temperature without being intrusive
  • Updates if an emergency is triggered
  • Receives requests for check-ins with your loved one
Need the CVS Health Symphony app? Text “CVS” to 888-256-3227 to download it, now.*
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Symphony is available at CVS® HealthHUB locations.

Visit your local CVS HealthHUB, where the care concierge can show you Symphony and answer questions.

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Everything still works as intended. The only feature that is impacted is the data analysis for motion patterns. Symphony will identify movement in the home, but it won't know specifically who is moving. So, in this case, the remote caregiver might not have the same clarity around one person’s activity level.

For the majority of the Symphony customers who have two people in the home, one of them is usually the primary caregiver to an older adult with whom they live. They find the data particularly useful ‐ especially when the caregiver is out and about.

In the event that both people in the house may need emergency response support, an additional care button can be purchased so both people can wear one if they choose. Additionally, the voice activation on the smart hub and fall sensor will work for either person.

It's best to place the smart hub where your loved one spends most of their time during the day, in an open area away from environmental factors like the sun, TV or radio. The smart hub measures air quality and temperature at its location, and its voice activation works best within a range of 15 feet from it. Also, the smart hub detects motion up to 7 meters (just under 23 feet) away from it. Because the smart hub's range may vary based on home environments, please test its range during setup to confirm the specifics within the home in which it will be used. Additional placement details are provided in the user manual that accompanies the Symphony Essential Bundle and Symphony Basic Bundle.

Both the Symphony Basic Bundle and Symphony Essential Bundle come with a care button, which is optional to wear. If pressed inside the home and within 200 feet from the smart hub, the care button alerts the 24/7 response team that assistance may be needed. As doors, walls and other interference may affect the signal and alter the range of performance, please be sure to determine the working range in the home environment where Symphony will be used.

When a loved one activates an emergency call — or if a fall is automatically detected via the fall sensor — the 24/7 emergency call center will respond, determine if emergency services are requested and contact emergency services as needed. Caregivers can also be alerted via the caregiver app.

This can happen, and it's okay. The system will prompt you to confirm that you need assistance. To cancel the emergency call, say the word “cancel” or press the “X” button on top of the smart hub.

Yes, the system is a one-language system, running on and recognizing English, including English as a second language.

A Symphony device bundle and a monthly subscription are required to use Symphony. After purchasing the Symphony Essential Bundle or Symphony Basic Bundle, the devices need to be activated via the activation website ( or by calling 1-888-256-3227. No long-term contract is required, but activation requires a recurring monthly service fee to be charged by an independent third party not owned or operated by CVS Pharmacy®. Visit for details.

*FOR MONITORING, SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES AND APP: Monitoring and other services in the subscription and app are provided by an independent, third party not owned or operated by CVS Pharmacy®. Activation requires a recurring monthly service fee to be charged by the third party. Visit for details.

*FOR FALL DETECTION: Fall detection does not detect 100% of falls. The equipment and medical alert services are not a substitute for 911. If you need help and are able to dial 911, you should do so.

*FOR WIRELESS COVERAGE: Service requires location with sufficient access to American Telephone and Telegraph wireless network coverage.

*FOR APP TEXT TO DOWNLOAD: By texting “CVS” to 888-256-3227, you consent to receive a one-time SMS message with a link to download the CVS Health® Symphony app and learn more. Message and data rates may apply.

Health savings account (HSA) and flexible spending account (FSA) eligible items may vary by benefits administrator and with changes in Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules. Check with your benefits administrator.

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