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Most Commonly Used

Lipitor 10mg Tablet
Pfizer Inc.
Pill Identification: PD 155  |  10
Drug Image
Lipitor 20mg Tablet
Pfizer Inc.
Pill Identification: PD 156  |  20
Drug Image
Lipitor 40mg Tablet
Pfizer Inc.
Pill Identification: PD 157  |  40
Drug Image
Lipitor 80mg Tablet
Pfizer Inc.
Pill Identification: 80  |  PD 158
Drug Image

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About Lipitor
Lipitor belongs to a group of drugs called statins. Statin drugs inhibit certain enzymes in your liver, which results in the amount of LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood being lowered. Lipitor also increases the amount of HDL (good) cholesterol. HDL cholesterol carries the bad cholesterol away from your artery walls. This will help to prevent plaque, a sticky waxy substance, from building up in the walls of your arteries.

Lipitor is only a part of what may be needed to keep your cholesterol and triglycerides at the right levels. Your physician may decide that diet, exercise, and weight control programs are important for you, too.

Lipitor comes in a tablet form. It can be taken with or without food. Do not break Lipitor tablets in half. Do not increase or decrease your dosage. It is important to follow your doctor's and pharmacist's instructions on how to take Lipitor. Never give Lipitor to another person, even if they tell you they have the same condition as you. Doing so could cause great harm to them.

If you miss a dose of Lipitor, take it as soon as you remember, unless it's been more than 12 hours since you missed the dose. If that's the case, wait and take your next dose of Lipitor at your regular time.