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Most Commonly Used

Singulair 10mg Tab
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., a Subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc.
Pill Identification: MSD 117  |  SINGULAIR
Drug Image
Singulair 5mg Chw Tab
Drug Image
Singulair 4mg Granules
Drug Image
Singulair 4mg Chw Tab
Drug Image
Singulair 5mg Chw Tab
Drug Image

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About Singulair
Singulair is available as tablets and chewable tablets. Singulair also comes as packets of granules, which can be administered to a child directly by spoon or mixed in with breast milk, formula, or soft food. It is important that the only soft foods that Singulair is mixed with are applesauce, carrots, rice, or ice cream. Use Singulair oral granules within 15 minutes after opening the packet. The food should be room temperature or colder. Throw away any uneaten portion.