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Most Commonly Used

Suboxone 8mg-2mg SL Film
Drug Image
Suboxone 2mg-0.5mg SL Film
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Suboxone 4mg-1mg SL Film
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Suboxone 12mg-3mg SL Film
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About Suboxone
Suboxone is a controlled substance and is known to be a target for people who abuse prescription medicines or "street drugs." Always keep your Suboxone in a secured, preferably locked place, to protect it from theft.

Keep Suboxone away from moisture or heat. Don't remove Suboxone film from the foil packaging until you are ready to take it. Dispose of the packaging right away in a place where children and pets cannot get to it. Suboxone can be deadly to children and pets.

Carefully follow your doctor's instructions as to how to take Suboxone. Taking too much Suboxone or using it improperly can be dangerous or deadly. Do not suddenly stop taking Suboxone without your doctor's consent. Abruptly stopping it can result in a dangerous withdrawal reaction.