Looking for a health plan?

If you don’t have health insurance through your job or a government program like Medicare, check out ACA plans. They can help you take care of what is most important — you and your family.

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ACA insurance may be right for you if…

You don’t need to work full time to get ACA coverage. Your income may even qualify you for a premium discount and extra savings.

You’ve got options. One of them may be COBRA, but this coverage typically runs out after 18 months, and it can be pricey. The good news is that ACA coverage typically costs less.

With ACA coverage, you can choose the premium and out-of-pocket costs that are right for you. You may even be able to deduct the premiums you paid on your income tax.

ACA plans may cost less than you think

You could qualify for financial assistance to help you get great coverage at lower health care costs. In fact, more than half of all uninsured Americans qualify for help.* So now’s a great time to get to know ACA plans.

Before you shop keep in mind…

You can apply for ACA coverage and financial help through companies with direct enrollment sites or on the federal marketplace. If you shop off the marketplace, you won’t get financial help.

When you enroll in a marketplace plan, you may be eligible for discounts on your monthly bill or extra savings on your out-of-pocket medical costs.

All ACA plans must cover 10 essential benefits like hospitalization, preventive care and mental health services. Some plans offer extras like dental and vision.

Every plan is assigned what is known as a metal tier: Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze. Metal tiers have nothing to do with the quality of care you receive. They determine how you and your plan split costs.

Shop for plans on the ACA marketplace

You can compare ACA plans and buy coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace®, an online hub run by the federal government for many states.

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Introducing Aetna CVS Health ACA plans

Our new ACA plans combine quality coverage and insurance expertise with local walk-in care options and convenient access. Now available in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia.*

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*Rae M, Cox C, Claxton G, et al. How the American Rescue Plan Act affects subsidies for marketplace shoppers and people who are uninsured. Kaiser Family Foundation. Accessed October 29, 2021.

*You can find us in select areas in the following states: Arizona (though Banner|Aetna), Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia (through Innovation Health® in Northern Virginia and Aetna CVS Health™ in Richmond and Roanoke).

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