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What We Offer

Clinic practitioners stand to benefit

You'll find more of what you're looking for in a career at MinuteClinic®.

Because we understand your role and your goals, we're able to offer personal and professional benefits that will make your career extremely fulfilling.

Scheduling options

Our schedule offers alternatives and provides a desired work-life balance. Our weekday schedules are composed of 11-hour shifts. Because most of our clinic locations are open 7 days a week, we can work with you to create the schedule that best fits your life and family needs.

As a practitioner in our expanding network, you'll be backed by resources that will empower you, expand your knowledge and support your growth — all so you can offer the kind of care you've always longed to give.

We offer three basic types of positions:

Full-time positions (30 or more hours per week)

Part-time positions (20 hours or more per week)

Weekend positions (weekend schedule + limited weekdays)

Whether you work full- or part-time, you'll earn benefits and enjoy growth opportunities that few other companies can match. So you can create the career that fits your life, instead of the other way around.

Compensation & benefits

Because our practitioners' talent and experience so greatly benefit our organization and our patients, we reward you with a compensation package that is among the best in our industry.

We pay our practitioners by the hour rather than by a monthly or yearly salary. That means, unlike other practices, you will be compensated for every hour you work for us. Plus, our in-depth market research ensures our rates are always competitive.

Benefits are based on your employee status — full-time or part-time — as well as individual plans' eligibility requirements.


You'll enjoy the kind of autonomy rarely found in a typical practice setting. Following our care model, you'll make independent decisions about your patient's care and act as the single point of contact for them. You'll take ownership of your work and the care your patients receive.


While our retail clinics are designed to be staffed by one health care professional at a time, you'll never have to "go it alone." We've spent years building the strongest, most dependable, most effective support system possible.

  • Our comprehensive training and orientation programs, which include unique online learning tools and dedicated regional training managers, will give you the tools you need to work autonomously and to make your new career a success.
  • Our collaborating physicians and clinical managers are always on call should you need help or advice.
  • Your national network of colleagues and resources include experienced practitioners and managers. You'll be able to communicate real-time from your clinic, allowing you to gain knowledge from their experience.
  • Our medical call center provides patient support services for those with questions about their visit so you can focus on the patients in your clinic.
  • Our EMR system will guide you through evidence-based diagnosis and treatment for nearly every type of family health care issue. It includes evidence-based clinical guidelines, the latest clinical information, accessibility to patient records from other locations, an automated chart review process and e-prescribe functions.
  • Our check-in and payment process is easy and efficient so that nothing comes between you and the care your patient deserves.

Ongoing training and professional development

We provide professional development and continuing education opportunities through our own training programs, Continuing Medical Education (CME) events and offerings through affiliated organizations.

We provide our practitioners a generous reimbursement benefit to attend CME events. We also offer and support CME events across the country.

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Career growth

You'll find many more opportunities for growth and leadership at MinuteClinic than in traditional practice settings.

Our network of practitioners is one of the largest and strongest in health care — and is continuously growing. Just imagine how much you'll learn and how confident you'll be in your practice as part of our community.

It is quite common for a practitioner with strong leadership skills to take on a role as a preceptor and move up to manager of operations. Opportunities exist for positions within the corporate structure as well.

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