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Average Customer Rating for 21777 21 MILE RD., MACOMB MI, 48044: 5 (1 Ratings)
May 3, 2023
A week ago I visited the Minute Clinic on 21 mile and Card Rd for symptoms of a sinus infection. When [...] took my pulse she indicated my heart beat was 40bpm and that I had to have this attended to immediately. She followed protocol and called an ambulance. I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with full heart block and received a pace maker two days later. Thinking back I have been short of breath and light headed on and off for some time. [...] identified my condition and took immediate action before this condition became more critical. She is a true gem and and asset to CVS. While in the hospital I received a call from [...] NP checking on how I was doing. I had seen him previously for an ear condition. He reviewed his partners notes and saw that I was in a critical state when I had come in. I also have received a call from [...] checking on how I was feeling. I have received the gold standard of care from these NPs and their concern for my well being is unmatched. Thanks for all that both of you do.
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CVS Walk-In Clinics near FRASER, Michigan

Fraser MinuteClinics®

It's easy to find a walk-in clinic in Fraser. With 9 MinuteClinics® in the area, you don't have to travel far to get medical support. Whether you are out in the suburbs, in the center of downtown, and anywhere in between, safe, in-person care is accessible.When you are suffering from a minor illness like an ear infection or a stye, or a minor injury like a splinter or bug bite, MinuteClinic® can help you recover. You get professional attention at a lower cost than a trip to Urgent Care in Fraser or a stay at General Hospital Med Associates PC. When you are not feeling well enough to stop in, but are seeking professional advice, you can book a telehealth appointment.

Fraser Clinics

Hiking around Natural Resources Department is something the people of Fraser like to do, but such adventures can lead to injuries, from achy blisters to poison ivy. A CVS walk-in clinic near Fraser, Michigan helps you recover from minor injuries and allow you to return to rooting for your favorite team at Roseville Jr Sports Stadium.There is more to staying healthy than simply recovering from minor injuries and illnesses. Our walk-in clinics near Fraser provide immunizations, physicals, wellness checks, and more.

Fraser MinuteClinic® Services

There are many valuable services accessible at a MinuteClinic® in the Fraser area, such as:

  • Get examined if you are experiencing symptoms of illnesses such as pink eye, bronchitis, strep throat, and more. A MinuteClinic® practitioner can provide a diagnosis and help devise a treatment plan.
  • When you receive a minor injury, MinuteClinic® can help. We provide staple removal, minor burn treatment, sting treatment, tick bite treatment, and more to help get you back to full strength.
  • Learn your essential health numbers, including BMI and blood pressure. Screen for and get help managing chronic conditions with asthma monitoring, cholesterol screening, comprehensive health screening, and other treatment.
  • Visit a Fraser clinic for help with dry, itchy skin as well as canker sore treatment, shingles treatment, acne treatment, and various other minor skin issues.
  • As you get ready for your next vacation, learn what you need to do and know with a pre-travel consultation. Our walk-in clinic in Fraser provides typhoid treatment, malaria prevention, and traveler's diarrhea prevention to help you stay in top form on your trip.
  • Get help staying healthy with immunizations at CVS. We offer the meningitis vaccination, COVID-19 vaccine, and shingles vaccine, and other shots for the whole family.
  • Get help improving your health and preparing for jobs, college, and sports leagues with college physicals, mental health counseling, epi pen refills, ear wax removal, and more.
  • Women's services, including gonorrhea treatment, yeast infection treatment, human papillomavirus treatment, and others, are provided at a MinuteClinic® near Fraser.

A Fraser clinic is right around the corner to help satisfy your healthcare demands. Head to one of the 9 MinuteClinic® locations near Fraser to receive the care you need.

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