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Clinic Reviews in Worthington

Average Customer Rating for 918 North High Street, Worthington OH, 43085: 4.5 (41 Ratings)
December 1, 2022
"The NP that treated me was very patient and very knowledgeable and she made the visit a pleasure."
November 21, 2022
"I was at the clinic for a flu shot and was happy with my experience,"
November 9, 2022
"They were right on time, very knowledgeable, overall it was a wonderful experience and I will be back. Hopefully not though because that would mean I was sick😉"
October 28, 2022
"Easy to schedule on line snd check in. Very efficient service. Will return for my wellness each year to this location "
October 20, 2022
"Great staff! Efficient, friendly, etc."
Average Customer Rating for 620 South Cleveland Avenue, Westerville OH, 43081: 2.5 (51 Ratings)
October 28, 2022
"The nurse practioner was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable."
October 28, 2022
"Very clean, very professional. "
September 28, 2022
"The nurse practitioner was one of the worst health care worker I’ve ever met. She was rude and treated me in an unprofessional manner. When I asked her questions she was annoyed and also handled procedure roughly. She needs to get educated on how to talk and handle patient. I felt that I was not given the care that I deserve and I will not recommend anyone to visit this location. "
September 17, 2022
"The practioner went above and beyond to help me with my issues I was having with the kiosk, she informed me that she had to get the vaccine warmed up to room temperature she also took time out to listen to me.And another plus was I was only there for maybe 20mins total. Or maybe even less. Thank you minute clinic."
July 23, 2022
"The nurse was very thorough and knowledgeable. I felt very well taken care of."
Average Customer Rating for 9151 S Old State Rd, Lewis Center OH, 43035: 2.9 (31 Ratings)
November 28, 2022
"The nurse who administered my vaccination was very kind and personable. She worked efficiently and made sure that all my questions were answered. "
October 21, 2022
"I went there for Health Assessment for work, the RN was nice, courteous and quick. She offered helpful information from nutrition/health perspective and advice on where to go and look for specific information."
September 27, 2022
"Everything went smoothly and quickly, we had a wonderful experience! "
September 26, 2022
"I’m going to spell her name wrong, but will try anyway. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she was. She was courteous, professional, charming, warm and patient. While her original diagnosis was way off (thankfully!), she got to it and found it. Her course of treatment has dramatically decreased my symptoms in just three days. I greatly appreciate her sharing her time and knowledge. I highly recommend her to others and hope CVS will recognize her for her value to me."
September 22, 2022
"[...] was pleasant and efficient and knowledgable"
Average Customer Rating for 7470 Sawmill Road, Dublin OH, 43016: 4.9 (64 Ratings)
November 30, 2022
"NP was great. She’s a real asset to your team. "
November 19, 2022
"Very knowledgeable and professional and even reminded me to pull my mask up to keep everyone safe! "
November 2, 2022
"Childrens covid vax appointment was easy to schedule online. Appointment started promptly and it was quick and easy!"
November 1, 2022
"[...] is super nice, and friendly. She took me the moment I checked in the system. She is efficient with her work. Thanks 😊 "
September 14, 2022
"Great response and faster than regular doctors appointments "

CVS Walk-In Clinics near Worthington, Ohio

Worthington MinuteClinics®

Receive safe, in-person care at a walk-in clinic in Worthington by heading to any of the 19 MinuteClinics® in the area. From the heart of the city to the suburbs, and over to the campus at Otterbein University, you don't have to go far to get examined.Save yourself time and money by going to MinuteClinic® rather than to OSU Medical Center or Urgent Care in Worthington. If you're suffering from minor illnesses such as gout and ear infections or minor injuries like splinters and bug bites, visit a CVS walk-in clinic near Worthington, or schedule a telehealth visit if you're not feeling well enough for an in-person visit.

Worthington Clinics

Exploring A Different Day is something the people of Worthington like to do, but adventuring can have consequences, from uncomfortable sunburns to ticks. A CVS walk-in clinic near Worthington, Ohio helps you treat such injuries and get you back to rooting for the home team at Thomas Worthington Stadium.The Worthington walk-in clinic is more than a place where you can get help to recover from minor illnesses and injuries, it is also the place to go for physicals, wellness checks, immunizations, and a lot more.

Services at MinuteClinics® in Worthington

There are many helpful services available at a MinuteClinic® near Worthington, such as:

  • Get checked for symptoms of maladies such as sore throat, pink eye, gout, and more. A MinuteClinic® practitioner can diagnose your illness and help devise a plan for treatment.
  • If you experience a minor injury, MinuteClinic® can help. We provide sting treatment, splinter removal, sprain treatment, blister treatment, and more to help you feel better.
  • Receive help managing medical conditions with a comprehensive health screening, asthma monitoring, cholesterol screening, and more. You can also learn important numbers including BMI and blood pressure.
  • Find ways to help heal itchy, dry skin, and assorted minor skin conditions, such as sunburn treatment, shingles treatment, impetigo treatment, and more from a visit to a Worthington clinic.
  • Before hopping on a plane at Port Columbus Intl, get help discovering what you need to do and know with a pre-travel consultation. Our walk-in clinic in Worthington provides malaria treatment, motion sickness prevention, and typhoid prevention to help you stay well on your trip.
  • CVS has a range of immunizations for the whole family—from children to adults. Sought-after shots such as the vitamin B12 injection, Tdap shot, and hepatitis B vaccine are readily available.
  • Get help improving your health and getting ready for jobs, college, and sports leagues with TB testing, camp physicals, DOT physicals, ear wax removal, and more.
  • Women's services, like trichomoniasis treatment, human papillomavirus treatment, urinary tract infection treatment, and more, are available at a Worthington area MinuteClinic®.

You will find 19 MinuteClinic® locations in the Worthington area, so you won't have to travel far to get help with treating illnesses or injuries, checkups and diagnoses, or immunizations. Go to our Worthington walk-in clinics for professional attention.

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