Anniversary Invitations

Whether it's your first or your 50th, celebrating an anniversary with your other half is a special and wonderful occasion. If you've decided to share this special moment with family and friends, you've probably already begun the party planning stages. When you're ready to send out anniversary invitations, what kind of information should you include? This handy guide will help you create the perfect invitation for your special day.

When you create your invitation, there are a few things you should always include. First, make sure you include the year of your anniversary. For example, let everyone know if it's your first, 10th, or 20th anniversary and so on. Customized invitations will make them look fabulous, and it gives them a personal spin. Add your names and a fun fact about yourselves or a unique quote about love and marriage. This will make the invitation a lot more personal and a whole lot more fun. You should also include the date, time, and location of the party. Make it clear to your guests whether food or gifts are expected. Include an RSVP deadline to help you plan ahead and get an accurate headcount.

Just like any other party, you want your guests to be excited about attending. Make your anniversary party invitations stand out with a custom photo. Choose a special picture of yourselves together whether it's a vacation or just a lovely shot of the happy couple together. Another cute idea is to include one picture of yourselves at your wedding and then another current photograph so everyone can see how much you've changed. Dress things up by choosing embellishments like gold lettering and charming graphics. Once you've created and sent your invitations, you can relax and enjoy the party and the celebration of your true love.


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