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Change the Date Cards

Planning a wedding is a big deal, and sometimes, life happens. If you need to change your wedding date, it's important to send out change the date cards to all of your invitees as soon as possible. These cards let your guests know that your wedding date, time, and in some cases, the location has been updated.

Spread the Word with Change the Date Wedding Cards

There can be lots of reasons why your wedding date needs to change. Whether it's a big work-related trip or uncertainty about weather conditions, it's perfectly fine to update or postpone your wedding to a later date. With help from CVS Photo, you can design custom change the date cards that are cheerful and delightful. Look for a variety of unique designs featuring fun themes, rustic florals, and beautiful colors. Upload a picture of the two of you together to make your change the date wedding cards personal.

What to Include in Your Change the Date Card

When creating change the date cards, be sure to let everyone know the exact new date, time, and place of your wedding. You don't have to tell people why you're changing the date unless you want to. If you're concerned that the new date might cause an inconvenience to your guests, be sure to include a brief but positive and cheerful apology. Make sure that you emphasize the importance of everyone sending an RSVP to help you plan the new wedding date. Remember to keep the wording and theme of your cards lighthearted and upload a photo of you and your better half with a big smile on your face. Send your change the date wedding cards as soon as you have a new date locked in and get ready to celebrate your special day with the ones you love.