Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Rehearsal dinner invitations offer an official way to share the details of the event. Your rehearsal dinner is often one of the first events of your wedding celebration, so creating custom invites that reflect the overall feel of your wedding helps set the tone.

What Should Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Include?

Your wedding rehearsal dinner invitations should include important details that let the guests know what to expect. This includes:<ul><li>Your names and the hosts' names, if someone else is hosting</li><li>Dinner location</li><li>Date and time</li><li>RSVP information</li></ul> Keeping the rehearsal dinner invitation wording simple is ideal. That way guests can scan the invite easily and get the details they need quickly. This type of invitation is usually printed on a small card, so space is at a premium anyway, making it important to get to the point quickly.

How to Do Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

You can invite guests to your rehearsal dinner in a variety of ways. For something really casual, you can send an email or make a social media post. Sending printed invitations makes the announcement a little more formal and gives guests something to reference on the day of the event. You can also add a small gift with the invitation for a special touch that makes guests feel welcome. No matter what you decide, CVS Photo offers several options for creating invitations. Using a rehearsal dinner invitation template makes it easy to plug in your event details and even add a photo of the couple if you want to do so. Premade templates let you customize the invites easily while finding a design that fits the overall aesthetics of your wedding.

How to Address Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Your rehearsal dinner guest list is typically much smaller than your wedding guest list — it's often limited to people participating in the wedding and your closest family and friends. You can slip rehearsal dinner invitations into the wedding invitations for the people who will attend, or you can send the separately to the smaller guest list. When you address wedding invitations, you often take a more formal approach, using titles such as Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Mx. before writing the guests' names. Rehearsal dinner invitations can be a little more relaxed. You can use the titles or just go straight to the names. How you choose to address the envelopes can depend on the formality of the event. If you're having a casual, relaxed rehearsal dinner, going with just names can reflect that. If you're hosting a more upscale, formal dinner, you might want to stick with a traditional addressing format with titles.

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