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Increase your chances of quitting

Research shows you can double your chances of quitting successfully by combining counseling with the right medication. That may mean over-the-counter options or a prescription medication.

Your pharmacist can help you select the right over-the-counter solution. The options include nicotine patches, gum and lozenges.

Your health care provider or MinuteClinic® practitioner is able to recommend over-the-counter solutions and write a prescription, if medically appropriate. The list of prescription medications includes inhalers, nasal sprays and oral tablets.

The important thing is to find the option that's right for you.

Quitting Cold Turkey Isn't Recommended

Less than 5% of the 13 million smokers trying to quit each year will succeed. That's because your body physically craves nicotine. The cravings begin when your brain stops getting nicotine. And when your brain wants nicotine, it's hard to tell it no. It's for this reason that quitting "cold turkey" is often unsuccessful.

According to one study, over 95% of "cold turkey" quitters start smoking again within 6-12 months. The most widely used method of quitting smoking is also the most misunderstood. Going it alone, or trying to quit smoking "cold turkey," means relying solely on your willpower to quit. Because nicotine is so addictive, people often underestimate how difficult it is to resist cravings simply using willpower.

That's where nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products, like Nicorette Gum, Nicorette Lozenge, and the NicoDerm CQ Patch can help. NRT products can ease your body safely off of nicotine by releasing controlled amounts of nicotine slowly, when used as directed. This allows you to focus on staying smoke-free without burning out your willpower.

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Nicotine gum

Chewing nicotine gum helps reduce individual cravings by releasing a small dose of nicotine. It's available in several flavors.

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Nicotine lozenge

As a lozenge dissolves in your mouth, it releases a dose of fast-acting nicotine to help manage individual cravings. The craving relief lasts even after the lozenge is gone.

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Nicotine patch

The patch slowly releases a steady flow of nicotine into the body through the skin, providing craving relief for up to 24 hours at a time.

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Prescription Medications

Some medications that help people stop smoking are available by prescription only. These products work by helping to reduce the symptoms that generally occur when a person gives up tobacco products. Talk to your health care provider to learn if a prescription medication may be appropriate for you.

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