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Aroma Wrap Luxury Series Therapeutic Aromatherapy Neck Wrap

Aroma Wrap Luxury Series Therapeutic Aromatherapy Neck Wrap
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Aroma Wrap Luxury Series Therapeutic Aromatherapy Neck Wrap
1 CT, 1.6 lbs. Item # 539890

The therapeutic aromatherapy neck wrap delivers comfort and luxury while pleasing your senses with soothing essential oils. These exceptional neck wraps contain all natural herbs and can retain up to 30 minutes of heat or 15 minutes of cooling and feature the unique ability to personalize your aromatherapy experience. The blanket soft neck wrap has a removable sleeve, five separate chambers designed to maintain the desired temperature and a closure mechanism for hands-free usage.

  • Add your favorite essential oil to our patent protected designed wrap
  • 5 Built-in separate chambers for equal distribution of heat/cooling
  • Removable and washable sleeve
  • Pass through pocket to secure wrap properly around neck/shoulders
  • Filled with natural herbs and grains
  • Includes 3 essential oil trial packs, 3 cotton rounds, and tote storage bag
  • Great for stress relief and soothing aching muscles

Aroma wrap can be heated or cooled. If heating, microwave no more than 60 seconds. Reheating within the first half-hour should be 20 seconds as you don't want to burn the natural herbs. Do not overheat and do not heat in conventional oven (microwave only). Aroma wrap can also be put in a zip lock bag and placed in freezer for 3-hour for a 15 minutes "cool down" during the warmer months. Change out your scent by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto our provided cotton rounds, slip rounds in logo pockets and enjoy aromatherapy bliss!

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