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Baby Oil Use

Your baby's skin needs regular care to remain soft and healthy. CVS can help you easily purchase everything that you need for your little one's skin care routine online with the convenience of at-home delivery. In this product selection, you'll find all of the baby oil products currently available. You can explore all of the products or refine your search to quickly find your favorite baby oil option.

What Is Baby Oil Used For?

Baby oil is a skin care product that is made with gentle ingredients especially for newborn and infant skin. Conventional baby oil has a sleek oily consistency. You can also find baby gels that are lighter and have a consistency more similar to a jelly. Both types of baby oil provide moisturizing benefits for the skin. Upon application, they penetrate the skin to hydrate the tissue. Compared to other types of moisturizers for babies, baby oil is typically the most intensive, providing the largest amount of hydration.

Uses for Baby Oil

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to apply baby oil to your little one's skin. After bathing your little one, you can slather your baby's skin with the oil from head to toe to lock in moisture and reduce the risk of dry skin. Baby oil can also be applied to dry areas to soften and moisturize the tissue. In addition, some parents use baby oil to lubricate the skin while providing an infant massage. Not just for babies, baby oil can also be a beneficial moisturizer for adults, particularly for those who have sensitive skin.

Best Baby Oil

Once you have decided whether you prefer a conventional baby oil or a baby oil gel, you can compare the features of the various products to choose the best one for your infant. You can find out more about the ingredients found in the various products by reading their descriptions. Some baby oils have soothing ingredients like aloe vera added to ease irritation and redness. Others contain nutrients that promote healthy skin like vitamin E.

Baby Dry Skin Care Tips

It's always a good idea to consult your pediatrician before using any new product on your baby's skin. A medical provider can give you personalized advice to help you take the best possible care of your infant's skin. Be sure to follow the directions for use printed on the baby oil bottle closely. Keep the product out of reach of your little one to ensure safety.

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