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Creams & Ointments


Your baby's skin is fresh and new, making it super soft and very delicate. To keep that precious skin in the best of health, a regular daily skin care routine is required. CVS can help you easily purchase the products that you need to pamper your little one's skin with a huge selection of creams and ointments that you can browse and buy online.


Dealing With Diaper Rash


Diaper rash is a very common problem for infants and toddlers who are still wearing diapers. This often painful rash develops when the skin becomes irritated due to contact with feces or urine. Changing your baby's diaper as soon as possible and cleaning his or her diaper area thoroughly can reduce the risk of diaper rash developing. You can also protect your little one's skin with diaper creams and ointments. These products form a barrier over to the skin to minimize contact with urine and waste. Plus, diaper creams and ointments typically contain soothing ingredients that ease symptoms of diaper rash while the skin heals.


Head to Toe Hydration


Regular moisture is vital to healthy skin at any age. Moisturizing creams and ointments provide hydration for the skin tissue, replenishing moisture that is lost during the day due to evaporation. Regularly applying a moisturizing cream or ointment can lower the likelihood of your infant developing dry skin symptoms like itching and roughness.


Solutions for Skin Care Concerns


Babies can develop a number of skin problems during their first year of life. Eczema, chapped skin, rosacea and redness are some of the most common skin care concerns for babies. You can find creams and ointments that are formulated with ingredients that address these concerns and alleviate symptoms to help your baby feel more comfortable.


Caring for Your Baby's Skin


Each child has unique needs when it comes to skin care. That's why it's important to discuss your child's skin care routine with your pediatrician. He or she can give you tips on how to best care for your baby's skin and recommend the right products for you to use. If your child is showing signs of a skin condition like eczema or dryness, it is best to consult a pediatrician rather than trying to diagnose and address the problem on your own. Only use creams and ointments for infant skin care as directed by the manufacturer or your medical provider to ensure best results.