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Baby Powder

As a parent, you want your baby's skin to be free of irritation, soft and healthy as possible. A proper skin care routine can go a long way toward helping you accomplish this goal, and CVS makes it easy to purchase the products you need to care for your little one's skin on a daily basis. For quick online shopping, you'll find all of the baby powder products currently available on this page.

What Is Baby Powder?

Baby powder is a skin care product that comes in the form of a loose powder. Each baby powder product has its own unique formulation, but most contain one or more absorbent ingredients. Common ingredients in baby powder include zea mays or cornstarch, kaolin clay and talc. For easy application, baby powder often comes in a bottle with a perforated lid that allows you to shake or dust the formula onto your infant's skin.

What Is Baby Powder Used For?

The primary purpose of baby powder is to absorb moisture. When applied to the diaper area, baby powder can serve as a protective barrier against urine, helping to reduce the risk of the painful irritation known as diaper rash. You can also apply baby powder into skin folds to wick away perspiration and reduce the risk of inflammation. Adults may also choose to use baby powder to promote fresher, drier skin or to lower the likelihood of chafing along the thighs, underarms and other areas.

Different Types Of Baby Powder

To find the best baby powder for your needs, you can start by comparing ingredients. The product descriptions will tell you more about what's inside each baby powder product and what the benefits of the various ingredients are. Some baby powders contain zinc oxide, a mineral that acts as a skin protectant. You can also find baby powders infused with skin-soothing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile and lavender.

Best Powder For Babies

Before using a new baby powder on your child's skin, it's a good idea to check with your pediatrician. He or she can help you decide if baby powder is the right choice for your infant's skin care routine and give you tips on how to select the best one for your baby. Always read the directions for use provided by the manufacturer to get the most benefits from baby powder. To protect your little one, store baby powder out of his or her reach.

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