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Baby Wipes

Babies may be tiny, but they're still capable of making big messes. Fortunately, you can clean your little one up quickly with the help of baby wipes. CVS can help you stock up on baby wipes for use at home and on the go with a diverse assortment of products that you can buy online and have delivered to your door.

Baby Wipes Use

Baby wipes provide an easy way to clean a baby's skin. Wipes are soft sheets of fabric material that have been moistened with a gentle cleansing solution. As a result, the surface of a baby wipe is slightly wet, making it capable of easily removing impurities from the skin. After you have used a baby wipe, you can simply throw it away. Many parents rely on baby wipes to clean their baby's bottom after diapering. You may also wish to keep them on hand for cleaning messy faces and sticky fingers.

Baby Wipes Packaging

One of the first things to consider when selecting baby wipes is what type of packaging you prefer. For home use, you can purchase wipes in a resealable tub that helps to keep them moist in between uses. When you're ready to buy more wipes, you can purchase a large refill of wipes and reuse the original tub to save money and reduce waste. To stock your diaper bag, you can choose a smaller pack of wipes. Some travel packs feature plastic snap lids that seal in moisture and allow for easy dispensing. You can even find wipes in travel containers designed to fit into the cupholder of a vehicle or stroller.

Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes

After you have narrowed down the options to focus on wipes that come in the right packaging for your needs, you can compare the other features of the products. If your child is prone to skin irritation, you may wish to consider a wipe intended for sensitive skin. Ultra-soft wipes are available to make cleaning your baby's bottom, face and hands a more luxurious experience. Some parents prefer to choose wipes made with eco-friendly organic and natural ingredients in keeping with their green philosophies.

Baby Diaper Products

CVS is your one-stop shop for everything that you need to diaper your baby. In addition to wipes, you can find a huge selection of diapers in various sizes and styles in the online store. You can also purchase diaper bags and pails, diaper rash creams and ointments and other essentials without having to leave home.