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Bottles and Nipples

Whether you're giving your baby formula or expressed breastmilk, you need a supply of bottles to make feedings easy. CVS can help you stock up on baby bottles with a diverse assortment of products that includes options for infants of every age. Shop the entire product selection now or filter the results to quickly narrow down the options and find the best bottle for your baby's needs.

Comparing Bottle Materials

One of the first things to consider when shopping for baby bottles is what type of material you prefer. Baby bottles are typically made out of glass or plastic. Glass bottles can be easily sterilized with boiling water, while plastic bottles resist breakage when dropped. Some plastic bottles feature single-use disposable liners that can simplify cleanup. Both glass and plastic bottles are available in wide-mouth styles. These bottles are very easy to clean with a baby bottle brush.

Considering Size

Another feature to consider when shopping for baby bottle is the size. To simplify feeding, you'll want to choose a bottle that can provide a full serving of formula for your little one. For newborns and young infants, most parents can use small 4-ounce bottles. Larger 8- to 10-ounce bottles are better for older babies who will need more formula or breastmilk for feedings.

Selecting the Right Nipples

Nipples are another way in which baby bottles differ. Most nipples are constructed out of silicone or rubber. Rubber nipples are economical, while silicone nipples are highly durable and can be boiled in water for sterilization. For newborns and young infants, you'll typically need to use slow flow nipples. As your child grows, you can then transition to a faster flow nipple to simplify meal time. For babies who breastfeed and use bottles, tri-cut nipples are an excellent choice as they are designed to be similar to a mother's nipple. Keep in mind that you will typically need more nipples than baby bottles due to wear and tear. Most brands sell nipples separately to help you stock up.

Options for Special Needs

Some babies can benefit from specialty bottles and nipples. Anti-colic bottles are designed to help reduce the risk of gas to help babies with digestive issues feel more comfortable during and after feedings. Orthodontic options are available for babies who struggle to use conventional nipples. To make preparing formula easier, you may wish to purchase a mixer bottle that helps powdered formula mix with water.