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Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths

Baby bibs are essential accessories for feeding your little one. Bibs can help to protect your baby’s clothing from food stains and spit up. Many cloth bibs are made of soft material like terry that is highly absorbent, yet gentle enough to wipe your baby’s mouth with. Bibs for babies come in multiple colors and styles, so you can choose your favorite. It’s a good idea to look for a bib with a snap-on clasp, because these are much easier to get on and off of your baby, especially when the bib is dirty.

In addition to baby bibs, baby burp cloths are another must have item when feeding your child. Burping cloths are designed to protect your clothes as well as your baby’s during burp time after a feeding, when spit up is very likely. You’ll want to have multiple burp cloths on hand, since you may find yourself going through them much more quickly than you originally expected. Keep in mind that as your baby grows, you’ll want to size up your burp cloths, too. In general, the larger and more absorbent the burp cloth is, the better it will protect your clothes. CVS carries a selection of the best baby bibs and burp cloths, priced affordably to keep you, your wardrobe, and your wallet happy!

Sippy Cups & Baby Food Containers

CVS also carries a variety of sippy cups, baby dishes, and baby food storage products. Sippy cups and other no spill cups are great for little ones who are learning to grasp cups and drink on their own. CVS also offers baby dishes in a variety of sizes and styles, so that you can find one that works for your needs. If you are going out and need to pack your little one some snacks or even a meal, be sure to look for baby dishes with a secure lid to prevent spilling. If you have leftover food or want to portion out your little one’s meals in advance, baby food storage containers can be very helpful. Having a set of baby food containers on hand makes it easy to prepare healthy meals for your little one in batches. Simply cook the food, portion it out into the containers, and freeze until ready to reheat and use. They also double as great snack containers for day trips!

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