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CVS offers a selection of the best pacifiers for newborns, infants, and toddlers. A pacifier, often referred to as a baby binky, can be a great baby soother when you are unable to give your little one immediate comfort, such as while driving in the car. You should consult your child’s pediatrician about when to introduce a pacifier, but for some children it may be appropriate to offer a first pacifier around the time of his or her one month birthday. If you are breastfeeding, it may also a good idea to wait to introduce that binky until after your baby is breastfeeding well. For a young baby, you’ll want to look for a newborn or infant pacifier, as these are designed to fit your baby’s small mouth. A pacifier designed for older babies is often labeled as a toddler pacifier. If you are shopping for a pacifier for your baby and unsure which to choose, simply look for the age range that is usually printed somewhere on the package. This is the easiest way to identify pacifier sizes quickly. From there you can simply compare and contrast colors and features to determine the best pacifier for your little one.

If you are concerned about dental development and pacifier use, you should first discuss it with your doctor. If he or she gives you the go ahead to try using a binky, you may want to consider an orthodontic pacifier, such as the Nuk Orthodontic Pacifier. These binkies have a design that is based on the shape of a mother’s nipple and can help to gently exercise baby’s tongue, palate, and jaw to encourage the correct development of your child’s teeth. If you are wondering which material to choose, a silicone pacifier is often a good choice because it is sturdier than alternatives such as latex. A silicone pacifier is also less likely than latex to cause an allergic reaction, lasts longer, and is safe to wash in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Baby binkies can be a godsend for some, but pacifiers aren’t right for every baby. Talk to your child’s doctor about whether using a baby pacifier is the right choice for your little one.

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