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Feeding and Nursing

Good nutrition is important for a baby's growth and development at every stage. CVS can help make feeding and nursing simple from your child's birth through toddlerhood. In this product selection, you'll find all of the solutions available to simplify feeding and nursing. You can explore the entire product assortment or shop by category.

Feeding Your Little One

Your pediatrician can provide you with advice on how often and how much to feed your child at birth and beyond. For newborns and infants, there are two feeding options available: bottle feeding and breastfeeding. Experts strongly encourage breastfeeding babies for the first 6 months of life; however, infant formula can meet a baby's nutritional needs for mothers who prefer or need to bottle feed. Sometime around 4 to 6 months, babies can often begin eating some solid foods like infant cereal. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding usually still continues through at least the first year of a child's life.

Support for Nursing

If you've decided to breastfeed your baby, you may wish to purchase products to assist with the process. A breast pump can allow you to express breastmilk for bottle feeding when you're away from your child. You can find a wide variety of bottles and storage containers for breastmilk to use with a pump. Nursing pads can help to prevent embarrassing wet marks on clothing, and there are many products available to make nursing more comfortable for you and your little one.

Bottles for Formula Feeding

Parents who opt for formula will need to have a supply of baby bottles on hand. Often, bottles are sold with nipples, but in some cases, you may need to purchase bottles and nipples separately. As you shop for baby bottles, pay attention to the age recommendations for the various products, so that you can choose options that are right for your child.

Pacifiers for Soothing

Infants may have a natural urge to suck, and pacifiers can provide an outlet for this instinct. Although pacifiers are not necessary for proper infant development, many parents offer them to their babies. Pacifiers can help to soothe infants so that they are more content when they are awake and have an easier time falling asleep.

Accessories for Every Need

As your child begins to transition to solid foods, CVS can help you purchase all of the accessories that you need for feeding. The online product selection includes sippy cups, bibs, baby bowls and plates, food storage containers and other essential feeding accessories.

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