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The average child comes down with the common cold at least two or three times each year. By staying stocked up on cold and flu medications for children, you can ensure that you're prepared to help your little one feel better when he or she falls ill. CVS offers a diverse assortment of kids' cold and flu medications for you to easily shop online.

Easing Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is typically caused by inflammation in the nasal passages that that may occur due to a flu or cold virus. Over-the-counter decongestant medications like phenylephrine hydrochloride may address this problem by helping to temporarily decrease inflammation. You can also help ease congestion by administering a saline nasal spray, which may temporarily thin mucus to make it easier for kids to breathe.

Soothing a Cough

A nagging cough can make it difficult for your child to rest while recovering from a cold or flu. Cough medicines, or antitussives, can temporarily slow or stop coughing by helping to interfere with the body's cough reflex. Dextromethorphan is a common antitussive medication used for some kids. To help thin mucus and ease chest congestion, an expectorant medication like guaifenesin can be administered.

Addressing Fever and Body Aches

Fevers may accompany the cold or flu, as the body temperature increases to help fight the virus. Children's acetaminophen or ibuprofen can lower fevers to help children feel more comfortable. These medications may also act as pain relievers to help alleviate body aches associated with the flu.

Multi-Symptom Relief

Children often develop multiple symptoms at once when they have colds or the flu. To make it easier to address a number of symptoms, you can purchase a children's cold and flu combination medication. These products typically contain a pain reliever and fever reducer, a cough suppressant and a nasal decongestant. You can read the product descriptions to find out more about what's found in each of the multi-symptom cold and flu products available for children.

Important Considerations

Although children's cold and flu medications can be purchased without a doctor's prescription, they can still pose a risk for side effects and drug interactions. This makes it important that you consult a medical provider before giving your child any cold or flu medication for the first time. Keep in mind that cold and flu medicines are not a cure for illness; the medicines only help to alleviate symptoms of the illness. Your child will still need to rest to help recover from a cold or flu. For best results, use cold and flu medicines for kids only as directed by the manufacturer unless your doctor gives you other instructions.