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Stomach Pain Relief For Kids

Whether your child is constipated, suffering from diarrhea or uncomfortable due to gas pains, you want to help him or her get relief as quickly as possible. Keeping digestive medications for kids on hand can help ensure that you're prepared to respond when symptoms strike. CVS offers a wide range of digestive medications, constipation medicines and gas relief products that are developed specifically for children.

Gas Relief For Kids

Gas buildup in the intestines can cause sudden, sharp pains that are troubling for children. When your child is suffering from gas, an anti-gas medication, such as baby gas drops, can be used to help address the problem. These medications typically contain simethicone, a drug that helps breaks up bubbles of gas.

Constipation Relief For Kids

Constipation in kids can occur due to diet, dehydration, a lack of physical activity and other causes. Laxative medications can help encourage bowel movements to help relieve symptoms of constipation. For kids, doctors may recommend a bulk-forming fiber laxative that increases water absorbed creating a larger, softer stool, which triggers the intestine to move the bowel out. Osmotic laxatives, which cause intestines to hold more water therefore softening stools and helping bowels evacuate, are also sometimes given to children. In addition, glycerin suppositories can make it easier to pass stool by lubricating the rectum.

Kids Digestive Health

Medical providers may recommend probiotic supplements to promote digestive health in children. These supplements help increase the supply of good bacteria called probiotics in the digestive system. Studies have found that probiotics may help to address a number of digestive problems, including diarrhea in children. More research is needed to prove that the supplements are beneficial for all kids who take them.

Kids Diarrhea Relief

When your child develops diarrhea due to an illness or dietary change, it is important that he or she receives enough fluids. Persistent diarrhea can quickly lead to dehydration in kids. Electrolyte drinks are commonly used to help address and prevent dehydration associated with diarrhea. These beverages help hydrate the body while replacing vital salts that are lost when a child becomes dehydrated. Children's electrolyte drinks come in a number of flavors, making them more pleasant for children to drink.

Kids Stomach Medicine

Before giving your child any over-the-counter medication for the first time, it is a good idea to consult your pediatrician. Medicines for diarrhea, gas and constipation can pose a risk for side effects, and your medical provider can tell you whether or not a particular medication is right for your child. Unless your doctor gives you other instructions, you should only use children's digestive medications as recommended by the manufacturer.

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