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Whether you're giving your child a prescription medication, an over-the-counter drug or a supplement, it's important that you administer the correct dose. Child-friendly medicine dispensers allow for precise measuring and make it easier for babies and kids to take the medications and supplements that they need. CVS stocks a diverse assortment of medicine dispensers to meet your needs.

Pacifier Dispensers for Babies

Getting a baby to take medicine can be challenging, but there are dispensers available to help simplify the job. If your baby uses a pacifier, you can opt for a pacifier-style dispenser. This type of medicine dispenser has a nipple and a shield like a pacifier on one end. On the other end is a plunger. When your baby starts to suck on the pacifier, you simply push down on the plunger to squirt the medicine into his or her mouth.

Syringes for Easy Administration

For babies that don't use pacifiers, conventional medicine dispenser syringes are a great option. These medicine dispensers feature a tube with measurement markings and a plunger. To administer medicine, you first place the syringe in the liquid medication and pull back on the plunger. Once you have the correct amount, you then get your little one to open his or her mouth and squirt the medicine in by pushing on the plunger. Some syringes come with playful face plates that can distract infants while you give them medicine.

Cups and Spoons for Older Children

Medicine syringes typically do not hold enough medicine to meet the dosing needs of older children. When your child requires a new dispenser, you can choose a medicine cup that your little one simply drinks out of. Medicine spoons are another option for older children. These dispensers feature a tube with a curved spoon-like tip that helps to prevent spills and drips. It is important to note that tableware teaspoons and tablespoons are not accurate ways to measure medication and should not be used to do so.

Tips for Administering Medicine

Before administering any medication or supplement to your baby or child, you should consult your medical provider. Even vitamins and over-the-counter medicines can cause side effects in infants and children. Your pediatrician can determine whether a particular drug or supplement is ideal for your little one's needs and recommend the right dose for him or her. After you have used a medicine dispenser, be sure to clean it thoroughly. Some dispensers are dishwasher safe, while others must be washed by hand. The product packaging will tell you how best to clean your new dispenser.