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Baby Bedding

Babies spend many hours every day in the nursery sleeping and getting their diapers changed, so you want to ensure that your little one's room is as comfortable as possible. That's why it's important to stock up on the bedding that you need for baby furniture like cribs, bassinets, cradles and changing tables. CVS makes it simple to buy whatever you need for the nursery with an array of baby bedding products that you can buy online. These products also make great gifts for baby showers and new babies.

Changing Pad Protectors And Bed Mats

When a diaper leaks, parents and caregivers of infants can have big messes on their hands. Fortunately, the right baby bedding can help to simplify cleanup. Mattress protectors help to keep waste and urine from soaking into the crib mattress, while sheet protectors can be placed on top of crib sheets to act as a barrier. For your changing pad, you can purchase a changing pad cover with waterproof lining. Make sure that you double check the size of a mattress, sheet or changing pad protector that you're considering to ensure a just-right fit.

Swaddling Techniques For Baby

Many parents like to use swaddling blankets during their babies' first months of life. A swaddling blanket is a lightweight baby blanket that is small in size and intended to be wrapped tightly around an infant. Your child’s doctor or nurse can teach you the correct way to swaddle to avoid incorrect positioning. Swaddling can give babies a sense of security, calming fussiness and helping little ones relax at nap time and at night. You can find swaddling blankets in a number of colors and designs to suit your tastes. Not every baby should be swaddled and the pediatrician can best help you decide if it’s appropriate for your child.

Bedding For Every Need

In addition to swaddling blankets, babies can benefit from a number of other types of blankets. Receiving blankets can be used to wrap up little ones for comfort and can double as a cloth for wiping messy mouths and fingers as needed. Larger crib and stroller blankets can be used for warmth during outings. These blankets can also be spread out on the floor to provide babies with a spot for lounging and play.

Dressing up the Crib

If you're using a crib for your little one, you will likely want to decorate it with baby bedding. Crib sheets are commonly used to cover the mattress, and dust ruffles can hide the open area under the crib to enhance the appearance of the nursery. Keep in mind that experts generally caution against placing blankets and comforters in the crib at night.


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