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Nutrition For Kids

In order to keep your child as healthy as possible, it's important to set a good foundation when it comes to eating right and getting proper nutrition. While the guidelines of nutrition for kids can vary depending on your child's age, there are some basic principles that every parent should keep in mind. Read on for more information about nutrition for kids at every stage of their young lives.

Nutrition for Babies

As a baby, children should have either breast milk or formula like Similac pro sensitive or Similac pro advance to help them grow. Once your child reaches six months of age, they can start to slowly transition to some solid foods. Feed your child iron-fortified infant cereal, strained fruits and vegetables, and pureed meats to ensure that they're getting balanced nutrition. Milk does not provide enough iron and zinc alone for babies ages six to nine months old. Try not to restrict fats too much at this age since healthy fats are vital for proper nerve and brain development.

Nutrition For Toddlers

Children of toddler age tend to have short, rapid growth spurts that can cause appetites to increase. At this age, make sure your child is getting enough calcium to ensure strong and healthy bones and teeth. Fiber is another important component of nutrition for kids. While most young children won't like many fiber-filled foods, you can start to enrich their diet with fruits and whole grains to start. As their tastebuds change, graduate to more vegetables and beans to ensure your child is getting the daily recommended amount of fiber they need.

Best Food for Kids

For kids between the ages of six and eight years old, nutritional needs will change toward more protein and vegetables. Enrich your child's diet with beans, eggs, and peanut butter for easy and healthy sources of protein. Kids of grade school age will also need a good mixture of healthy fats, sodium, and carbohydrates, but try to keep their sugar consumption as low as possible. Start your children early on toward the path of healthy eating by encouraging them to eat a variety of foods that will help them grow big, healthy, and strong.

What are Essential Nutrients for Kids?

As the body grows, the role of nutrition in a child's proper health development is critical. Introducing healthy food choices can help promote lifelong beneficial eating habits. With all the options available, it's good to know the essential nutrients and foods that will support consistent growth in children.

Some of the primary nutrients to incorporate into kids' diets include:

  • Protein: Grows and repairs cells.

  • Vitamins: Enrich multiple aspects of a child's growing system, like the immune system, eyesight, and energy creation.

  • Calcium: Promotes stronger bones and teeth.

  • Iron: Helps in circulating oxygen throughout the body.

  • Potassium: Universally crucial for cells and organs throughout the body.

What Foods are Good for a Child's Growth?

Once you know which nutrients are essential for ensuring kids' development, then you can better understand what foods are the best for promoting a child's growth. Foods like meats, beans, nuts, seeds, and eggs are good sources of protein and iron. Along with meats, iron can be found in whole-grain foods, seeds, and nuts. Many vitamins can be found in vegetables and fruit, among other options. One easy way to provide vitamins and give hydration is through fruit juices in various flavors and styles. Dairy products like yogurt and low-fat milk are excellent sources of calcium. Yogurt and a variety of fruits are excellent sources of potassium for the body.

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