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You don't have to visit a salon to reap the benefits of hair dye. At-home hair color kits give you the ability to dye yourself and end up with attractive results to show off to the world. Whether you want to change your appearance with a brand new color or cover gray, CVS has home hair dye kits that are perfect for your needs.

Permanent Versus Semi-Permanent Color Versus Temporary

There are three main types of hair dye available: temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. Temporary color is typically sprayed on or shampooed in and will last only until you wash your hair again.

Semi-permanent color applies pigments to the outer layers of your hair. With each shampoo, the color gradually fades. Then, you simply color your hair again. You can use this type of hair dye to cover over gray or to darken your natural hair color.

Permanent color permanently alters the color of your hair with strong chemicals. You can use it to cover gray or to lighten or darken your hair. Unlike semi-permanent hair dye, permanent color does not wash out over time. The color remains visible, so you only need to dye your roots as your hair grows.

Touching Up Your Roots

If you opt for permanent hair color, you can easily touch up your roots with special hair dye products. Spray-on temporary color can be used to blend your roots with the rest of your hair until you're ready for your next color treatment. Root touch-up dye kits are available for permanent results. These kits include a comb applicator that makes it easier to apply the hair color directly to the root area.

Hair Dye Made Especially for Men

Women aren't the only ones who color their hair. That's why hair dye brands offer products made especially for men. Men's hair dye is usually semi-permanent color that is applied like a shampoo. Some kits include a special comb for dyeing facial hair.

Getting Best Results with Hair Color

To ensure that you love the results with your at-home hair dye kit, it's important that you follow the directions included with the hair color carefully. Products can vary, so even if you have used dye before, you should still review the instructions. Testing the hair dye on a small strand will give you an idea of how the color will look.

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