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Heat Protectant Spray

Heat Protectant Spray

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Heat Protectant For Hair

Heat protectant is a hair care product that helps add moisture to your hair while at the same time forming a protective barrier to help reduce moisture loss and damage associated with heat styling. Heat protectant can also help make your hair more manageable, less frizzy, and easier to style. CVS carries a variety of the best drugstore heat protectants for you to choose from. Some popular options include products from brands like Redken.

How Do Heat Protectants Work?

Heat protectants work because they are made with ingredients that form a protective barrier that locks in moisture. Many heat protectants are made with silicones such as cyclomethicone or dimethicone. Some may also contain oils like coconut oil or argan oil. These ingredients help to coat and moisturize hair shafts and help encourage hair cuticles to lie flat. A hair heat protectant can also help to ward off frizz and some formulas may even help your hair dry faster. Additionally, because they add moisture and make your hair more manageable, heat protectants can make detangling a much less unpleasant process!

How To Use Heat Protectant

You should apply a heat protectant to damp, conditioned hair just before using a heat styling tool like a hair dryer, curling iron, or straightener. While damp, conditioned hair will absorb a heat protector most effectively, you can also use heat protection hair products on dry hair. There are even some heat protectants available that are specifically designed for use on dry hair. Most heat protectants come in spray form. Heat protection spray is very easy to apply. Simply spritz the product into your hair. You may want to use a wide tooth comb or run your fingers through your hair to ensure even distribution of the product. Once you’ve applied your heat protection spray, you can either wait a few minutes for your hair to partially air dry, or just jump right in and start blow drying and styling!

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