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Green lipstick is a unique lip look that really makes a statement. Rock this bold choice for everyday wear or make a splash at your next special occasion with this unique shade. Not for the faint of heart, green lipstick is a dramatic, unapologetic look that is designed to help you stand out from the crowd and express yourself. Check out the best green lipstick options available at CVS!

There are many green lipstick looks to choose from. For a more subtle option, consider softer shades such as light green and mint green lipstick. For a bold, stand-out statement, choose a bright green lipstick shade such as neon green lipstick, or go for a dark green lipstick. Army green, forest green, and deep green lipstick are all good choices. For extreme pigment that really stands out, go for a black green lipstick, which appears extremely dark and almost black, making it one of the boldest green lipstick looks! Matte green lipstick shades like matte dark green lipstick and matte olive green lipstick are another great way to make a statement with highly pigmented lips. If you want to amp up your look for nighttime, why not try a metallic green lipstick? A dark green liquid lipstick also pairs well with a killer outfit for a night out on the town! Want your lip color to last all day or all night long? A green liquid lipstick is a great choice if staying power is what you’re after. No matter what your needs and preferences are, there is a green lipstick out there just waiting for you to try it out!

How To Choose The Best Green Lipstick For You

Green lipstick is very bold. To avoid the Halloween look and radiate confidence instead, it is important to choose the right shade for your skin tone. If your skin has cool undertones, a blue green lipstick or a green lipstick with purple undertones is your best bet. If your skin has warm undertones, look for green lipstick shades with warmer undertones. Olive green lipstick looks best on beauties with either olive or warm toned skin, while emerald green lipstick or army green lipstick flatters those with cooler or paler skin tones. No matter what green lipstick you choose, just be sure that you feel amazing wearing it!

How To Wear Green Lipstick

If you’re new to green lipstick, don’t worry – we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you nail the look! When wearing green lipstick, you’ll want to make sure to prep your lips properly. It can be helpful to exfoliate your pout beforehand. Also, applying a lip primer or even a little bit of concealer to your lips first will give your green lipstick a solid foundation to adhere to and help the color to really pop! Want to wear a green lip during the day? Try applying a little bit of lip gloss in a neutral shade over the top of your green lipstick to tone it down slightly. You may also want to keep the rest of your makeup fairly low key – since you’re already making a statement, let your bold green lips speak for themselves!

Where To Buy Green Lipstick

You can buy green lipstick at most local CVS stores. You can also purchase select green lipstick products online and we’ll ship your order right to your door. With many different shades to choose from, there’s a green lipstick for everyone. If you’re looking for high quality, cheap green lipstick, look no further than CVS!

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