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Best Oil For Your Face

You've probably heard of facial creams and serums, but face oil is another beauty product that's taking the skincare world by storm. These oils come in a variety of formulas that can add instant hydration to parched complexions. No matter what your skin type is, it's always wise to look into the different face oils available to make sure you choose one that's right for you. Read on to learn more about these products and how they can help you achieve a beautiful look.

What Do Face Oils Do?

Face oils are designed to strengthen and hydrate your skin to promote a smooth, dewy glow. If you have oily skin, you may worry that these products could make the issue worse. However, some face oils can help clear up your skin if you use them correctly. Look for plant-based oils if you have acne-prone or oily skin. The oils may help to correct dryness, aging, and uneven skin tone. They may also help improve the sensitivity of some skin types and provide a wonderful base for primer and foundation.

How To Use Face Oils

You may wonder if you should use face oils before or after you apply moisturizer. You can use these products instead of a nighttime cream or apply them after you use a water-based moisturizer. However, if you prefer heavier moisturizing creams, apply the oil right before the moisturizer to ensure you're getting the hydrating benefits. Another helpful hack is to mix your face oil in with your moisturizer. This will increase the product's potency and give your skin a smooth, dewy finish that lasts all day long. You can also mix the oil with your makeup primer or foundation before you apply it to get the same effect.

Skin Oil

When applying face oils to the skin, try not to rub it into your face. Rubbing can pull your skin, and it will keep the oils from absorbing fully. Instead, warm the oil between your hands, then gently and slowly press it onto your face, allowing it to absorb naturally. You should use around three to six drops of face oils twice per day. If your skin is extremely dry, you can use it a little bit more often as needed. Read the ingredients list carefully if you have oily skin. Look for oils like apricot, hazelnut, or jojoba oil which are lighter and perfect for acne-prone and oily skin types. For those with dry skin, try an oil made with coconut, almond, or shea for amazing results.

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