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Bed Buddy Back Wrap

Bed Buddy Back Wrap
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Bed Buddy Back Wrap
1 CT, 2.01 lbs. Item # 216480

The Bed Buddy back wrap is designed to ease back pain as well as neck, shoulder, arm, leg and knee pain by providing soothing moist heat therapy recommended by doctors. The Back Wrap can be used either hot or cold and features a flexible, form fitting design, even when cold. The material is soft and luxurious and the adjustable strap can be applied on various positions on the body, providing comfort and mobility. A natural substitute or compliment to over the counter treatments.

  • Moist heat therapy recommended by doctors
  • Delivers hot and cold therapy
  • Flexible, conforms to body shape
  • Reusable, contains 100% natural grains
  • Soft touch fabric for comfort
  • Provides relief for lower back pain
  • Safe and easy, use as directed
  • Product dimension: 1 H x 20.75 W x 7.5 in. D
  • Product weight: 2.01 lb.

Please follow included instructions. Use as directed.

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