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BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray, 1 OZ

BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray, 1 OZ
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BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray, 1 OZ
1 OZ, .21 lbs. Item # 371267
Product Features & Benefits Sore Throat & Throat Infections* Antibacterial & Antiviral* Mouth Gums / Gingivitis* Breath Freshener / Pesticide-Free What is Propolis? Bees use propolis as the immune system of the hive to go against infection. They protect the beehive from fungus, bacteria and viruses. Bees make propolis from specific plant resins. They contain natural bioactive compounds that the plant produces to protect itself. Propolis is as old as honey, and it has been used by people for ages. There are records suggesting the use of it by ancient Egyptians, Persians, and Romans. Modern scientific research also confirms the protective properties of Propolis can provide significant support for human health. Propolis is used to support immune defence, antioxidant protection, digestive health & healing and healthy aging. However, not all propolis supplements are created equal. The strength of propolis is determined by the amount of bioactives (phenolic, flavonoids, antioxidants) not the amount of propolis. BEE&YOU Propolis has minimum 3x more bioactives from any other propolis products on the market. Story Behind BEE&YOU Propolis is not edible in its raw form and it must go through extraction for human consumption. Women entrepreneur and Food Scientist (MSc) Asli Elif Tanugur decided to start her own business when she developed a new method to extract propolis to find a cure for her son’s health problem which is caused by using too many antibiotics. Based on her experience, she decided to produce propolis to serve those who suffer health problems and want to support their immunity by natural ways. What makes BEE & YOU products so special? BEE & YOU’s dedicated team of food scientists and researchers achieved to extract all biologically active compounds from propolis, raw honey and royal jelly in the purest form possible, providing consumers with raw, unfiltered and unadulterated products. Because the products are so “clean,” the body is able to process them easier and consumers can benefit more effectively from the healthy components. All BEE&YOU products are produced under the controlled conditions from our hives to your table. BEE&YOU currently has 150,000 beehives in Anatolian forests and mountains where 10,000 endemic plants grow. We make sure that our beehives are away from the highways, and no pesticides and antibiotics are allowed to be used during the production. As well, each BEE& YOU product is subjected to relevant laboratory analyses to ensure their purity, biological activity and compliance with food safety standards. Social Projects BEE&YOU supports beekeeping and beekeepers! Each time you buy a product, $0.1 goes to beekeepers to sustain beekeeping. We also directly work with beekeepers to guarantee that they have a profitable business for sustainable growth which is Fair-Trade! Our experts work closely with the beekeepers and provide free training to assure the product quality. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Water, Raw Honey, Propolis, Menthol, Vegetable Glycol (Food Grade)
Take 2 sprays into mouth or as needed


Keep out of reach of children. People allergic to bee products may experience allergic reactions. If you are lactating or pregnant, consult your healthcare professional before use. Unsuitable for infants under 1 year old. Avoid spraying into eyes

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