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Bello Belly Fat Scanner

$249.99 / ea.
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Bello Belly Fat Scanner

1 EA, 0.69 lbs. Item # 165759

Bello is the first portable digital device that helps you monitor your belly fat anytime, anywhere. With a simple, user-friendly design and near-infrared technology, this easy-to-use scanner provides you with results in seconds. To Prevent Metabolic Diseases Excessive visceral fat is the main cause of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. You can easily gain deep insights into inner/outer fat compositions within 3 seconds for fat management (FCC registration: 2ATIYAD715-BTWT) With Accurate Measurement Near InfraRed spectroscopy(NIRs) technology directly quantifies lipid underneath the skin and provides the most accurate measurement of belly fat (Greater than 0.8 correlation with CT scan - Superior to BIA smart scales) From Fully Dedicated Mobile App Free complementary app is provided with customized obesity management guides in exercise, food, and progress analysis. (Able to Sync with Google Fit and Apple Health)
ConcernWeight loss
Product typeBody weight scales
QuantitySingle pack
When the “Scan upper belly” screen appears on the app, place the Bello device one inch above your belly button and lightly tap the top button. The measurement will take approximately 3 to 5 seconds and you will hear a “beep”, indicating the upper belly scan is complete. Continue with “Scan lower belly” in the same manner. When the lower belly scan is completed, you will receive your scan result.

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