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Brown's Dark Oil Sunflower Premium Wild Bird Food

Brown's Dark Oil Sunflower Premium Wild Bird Food
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Brown's Dark Oil Sunflower Premium Wild Bird Food
80 OZ, 5.14 lbs. Item # 833748
Premium wild bird food. Wild birds will sing a happy tune! All our song blend products are carefully chosen, cleaned & packed fresh in barrier bags. Cardinals, chickadees, finches, jays, grosbeaks, nuthatches, woodpeckers and other song birds simply love it. High in fat, protein & fiber. Triple cleaned, filler-free, and all-natural. Our premium dark oil sunflower seeds are irresistible to almost any bird. Cardinals, chickadees, finches, grosbeaks, jays, nuthatches, titmice, woodpeckers and other birds with stout beaks simply love these seeds. Our Dark Oil Sunflower seeds are high-fat (40%) and high-protein (20%). They're extremely delectable and provide maximum nutritional value. Our triple cleaning process removes the dust and debris before packaging, so you'll offer a clean, healthy, all-natural food source. There are no fillers, so there is less outdoor clean-up. That means more food is eaten per pound, so it's more economical. Provide Song Blend Premium Wild Bird products and watch your backyard wild birds sing a happy tune! That's because Brown's is better! After carefully choosing only the best ingredients, our unique Five Stage Cleaning Process removes unwanted foreign matter to provide the cleanest, most nutritionally healthy product available. Our Packed-Fresh packaging process and Barrier Bags then protect long-term freshness and product quality. Whether you are a novice or an avid hobbyist, you'll find Song Blend products will help to make your wild bird feeding experience rewarding and fun! Brown's Story: Built in 1843 and registered as a National Historic Landmark, Brown's water-powered grist mill stands on Monocacy Creek in Pennsylvania. The old grist mill remains as solid as the day George Brown built it six generations ago. It functions as a constant reminder of the strength, tradition, and integrity on which our company was built. 125 years later, Brown's has become a national leader in animal nutrition products. The foundation of the past and the ideas of the present have blended into what we know as Brown's today. Barrier bag for locked in freshness. From our family to yours. Packed fresh. Made in USA.


Dark (Black) Oil, Sunflower Seeds.
Helpful Hints to Successful Bird Feeding! Water: Provide a constant source of water near your feeding area and the birds will flock to it. Year-Round Food: Birds are attracted by a reliable source of food, so keep your feeders full and they'll return faithfully. Shelter: Place feeder near trees and shrubs because they provide a safe haven. A sunny, windless, southeastern exposure is the preferred feeding location. Variety of Feeders: The style of feeder will affect which types of birds are attracted to it. Cardinals prefer platform feeders, finches prefer tube feeders. Food Makes the Difference: Each bird species has its food preference, so providing it will attract them. Keep It Clean: Regular cleaning of your feeders and watering areas will benefit the long-term health of the birds.

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