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Carbon SnoreX Anti-Snore Pillow

Carbon SnoreX Anti-Snore Pillow
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Carbon SnoreX Anti-Snore Pillow
1 EA, 2.5 lbs. Item # 587712
The Carbon SnoreX is the world's first 8 in 1 technology pillow with carbon bamboo air tech. Unique contours help position the cervical spine, head and neck for optimal breathing, helping to reduce snoring. Materials include: memory foam, graphene and copper to protect against allergens and bacteria. Also includes dual arm rests for comfort whether awake, asleep, reading or browsing your phone or Ipad. The included IceCool cover assures maximum air circulation and cooling. Proprietary AIR-CELLTechnology utilizes air flow cells in the pillow to create constant movement of fresh air allowing for maximum comfort as well as continued air flow that keeps you cool while you sleep. Hand wash or machine wash cold. Do not dry clean, put in the dryer, or iron any part of this pillow.


Bamboo, Carbon
Remove the pillow from the protective carrying case and lay flat. Remove and rinse cover before first use.


This is not a medical device. Consult a doctor before use if you have any preexisting medical conditions. Do not use if you have a pacemaker.
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