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Pop-arazzi Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream, 1 OZ
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Pop-arazzi Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream, 1 OZ
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Whether you get a manicure on a regular basis or just have dry skin, your cuticles can become irritated and even painful at times. Cuticle oil is an excellent solution to your woes thanks to its deeply moisturizing properties. This oil is usually made up of vegetable oils, and may also contain added vitamins like vitamin E to make it more moisturizing. It's a helpful tool to keep your hands and cuticle area soft.

Cuticle Oil

If your hands are exposed to a lot of cold air, too much sun, a lot of chlorine, or salty and soapy water, they can become cracked, dry, or chapped. When the hands and nails get too dry, the skin gets damaged and irritated. Applying cuticle oil can add moisture to the nail area and make your hands feel soft. When you apply the oil, it increases the circulation around your nails, which can stimulate nail growth and help them to grow long and healthy. The oil also helps to protect the nail and cuticle against further damage in the future. It's also a great way to protect your nail polish and keep it shiny for a longer amount of time.

How to Apply Cuticle Oil

Some cuticle oil comes in a bottle with a brush for easy application, while some just come in a regular bottle you can use to dab it on a cotton ball. Whichever style you purchase, you only need to apply a few drops to each cuticle. After the oil is applied, gently massage it into your cuticles for a few minutes until the skin feels moisturized. You can then push the cuticles back or trim them as needed before you paint your fingernails. If the oil doesn't absorb into your skin all the way, simply wash your hands with soap and warm water after a few minutes have passed.

What Is In Cuticle Oil?

A quality cuticle oil should absorb quickly into the skin, and it should have a fairly thin consistency. Some cuticle oil contains a variety of oils like jojoba, flaxseed, or safflower oil. Other ingredients like vitamin E can make the cuticle oil even more moisturizing on your skin and cuticle area. Many manufacturers today sell cuticle cream which contains the same ingredients, but it's simply in a different format. Whatever you choose, the product should help to ease dry skin and prevent further cuticle irritation.

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