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Deep Conditioner

If you have color-treated or damaged hair, a quality conditioner can restore your hair's natural beauty. When it comes to conditioning, you want a deep conditioner for hair that's especially damaged or in need of a pick-me-up. This thick, moisturizing conditioner will reduce frizz, add shine, and keep your hair looking healthy and radiant before and after perms, coloring, and other treatments.

When you apply a deep conditioner to your hair, avoid applying it to the roots. If you get conditioner on your roots, it can weigh your hair down and make your scalp oily. Instead, only apply the deep conditioner to the ends of your hair. Work the conditioner through with your fingers and make sure that it is applied to every strand. A deep conditioner can restore the natural oils in your hair and repair those split ends and frizzy strands. Ideally, you should only apply a deep conditioner once per week unless your hair is extremely damaged and needs a bit more care and attention.

How To Use Deep Conditioner

After you've applied the deep conditioner to the ends of your hair, you'll want to let it sit for at least two to three minutes, if not longer. If the product you choose is a conditioning hair mask, you might need to leave it on even longer. Read the label carefully and follow the instructions for best results. For truly deep conditioning, apply a shower cap or plastic bag over your hair. Let the conditioner sit for at least 20 minutes and up to 40 minutes, depending on how badly damaged your hair is. When you let the conditioner sit, it will seep into your hair follicles and help to restore lost moisture.

Deep Conditioning Treatment Benefits

Once your conditioning treatment has set for the allotted timeframe, it's time to rinse. It's better to use cold water whenever you can since cold water closes the cuticles of the hair and helps your strands retain the moisture. If you wish, you can remove the conditioner using your favorite shampoo. Some people choose to rinse only with water but if you do, make sure that all the conditioner rinses clean. Otherwise, your hair may feel a bit greasy and weighed down. With regular use, you can ensure that your hair stays smooth, shiny, and healthy using a high-quality deep conditioning product.

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