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When it comes to good oral hygiene, daily flossing should be part of your routine. The process of flossing helps to remove stubborn food particles and plaque that can get stuck between your teeth. When food and plaque build-up inside your mouth, it can cause a myriad of problems including tooth decay and gum disease. Dental wax like floss and dental picks are designed to help you get rid of this buildup from between your teeth for a healthier mouth and gums.

Dental Wax

Most types of floss are made from a nylon material that comes in either waxed or unwaxed styles. Some people prefer a waxed floss since the waxy material over the floss makes it much easier to use. The wax creates a smooth coating so that your dental floss can easily glide between the teeth. Most forms of dental wax are a lot thicker than their unwaxed counterparts. For some people, unwaxed floss is preferred because it's much thinner. Unwaxed floss can be easier to get in between teeth that are close together. Generally, it's usually a matter of what you personally prefer when it comes to choosing either waxed or unwaxed dental picks or floss.

Best Dental Wax For Braces

If you have braces, it's still important to floss every day. In fact, dental wax can be an important key to a healthy mouth if you have braces. Using a floss threader can help you get the floss between your braces more easily. If the floss you use is unwaxed, it can catch on your braces more easily and could cause the floss to shred and get stuck in between your teeth. Waxed floss may be better for those with braces to help keep it from catching. Combine daily flossing with brushing your teeth as often as possible to help ensure your mouth stays clean and healthy.

How to Use Dental Wax

When you use dental wax, make sure you use it as instructed by your dentist for the best results. It is recommended to take a strand of floss that is just a bit longer than the length of your arm. Wrap around six inches of the dental wax around your middle finger as you hold it in place with your thumb. Then, use your thumb and index finger from your free hand as you straighten the floss between both hands. Gently move the floss between every tooth using a back and forth motion. While you can use unwaxed floss if you prefer, the waxed version is usually best for beginners, people with braces, and those with sensitive gums.

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