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When you're administering medicine or a natural supplement to yourself or a loved one, it's vital that you measure the dose precisely and use the correct recommended dose every time. Medicine droppers can simplify administration and can help to ensure that you properly use medications and supplements. CVS can help you purchase the right medicine dropper for your needs with a diverse assortment of products that you can shop online.

What Is a Medicine Dropper?

A medicine dropper is a tool used to measure and dispense liquids like prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins or supplements. Although details may vary from product to product, all medicine droppers generally have the same basic design. A medicine dropper usually consists of a long, thin tube made out of glass or plastic. The tube gradually tapers in size from one end to the other, giving the medicine dropper a small tip. At the top of a medicine dropper is a flexible bulb made out of plastic, rubber, silicone or another material. Medicine droppers are often used to give medicine to infants and children.

Using Medicine Droppers

Using a medicine dropper is a simple task. First, you place the tip end of the medicine dropper into the liquid. Then, you squeeze the bulb. This produces a suction to draw the liquid inside the tube. To administer the medication, you then simply squeeze the bulb again. The action forces the liquid down through the tube and out of the tip. Make sure to use a graduated dropper to measure the amount of medication if a measured amount is needed.

Graduated Medicine Dropper Options

To help make measuring the amount of liquid to administer easy, some medicine droppers feature measurement markings on their tubes. These droppers are referred to as graduated. The measurements printed on the tubes can vary. A dropper may be broken down into milliliters or teaspoons. Some are marked with both measurements. 

Specialty Medicine Droppers

Specialty medicine droppers are available for specific tasks. Eye and ear medicine droppers are one type of specialty medicine accessory. These droppers are used to dispense eye drops or ear drops. Typically, they have narrower tips and smaller bulbs than medicine droppers designed for oral medications.

Medicine Dropper Sets

At CVS, you can find medicine droppers in medicine accessory sets that give you more than one tool for administering medications. Most often, these sets also provide a medicine spoon. Medicine spoons are also used for giving kids and adults liquid medicines and supplements, but they are generally bigger in size, allowing them to hold larger doses than droppers.

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