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You can't take a break from your daily life during your menstrual period, making it important that you find a form of menstrual protection that you can trust. If you prefer to use tampons but are concerned about their effects on the planet, CVS can help you find a solution that can be in line with your eco-friendly philosophy. This product selection includes a diverse assortment of organic tampons that you can buy online and have discreetly shipped to your home.

What Are Organic Tampons?

Tampons are worn inside of your vagina to capture menstrual fluid during your period. A tampon is a thin cylinder made up of absorbent material. In most cases, cotton is used to craft tampons. Some tampons come with applicators to help you properly insert them. Strings are usually attached to the bottoms of tampons for retrieval purposes.

Organic tampons work just like conventional tampons; however, their materials are different. To be considered organic, a tampon must typically be made entirely or predominantly out of cotton fabric that has been certified as organic. This means that the cotton was grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Depending on the product, organic tampons may also have organic or biodegradable applicators.

Tampons Made With Organic Cotton

One of the reasons women choose to use organic tampons is environmental concern. Organic farming methods are friendly to the Earth, so you can feel good about using tampons made from organic cotton. Products with biodegradable or organic applicators will also break down after disposal, helping to reduce waste in landfills. Women who are sensitive to chemicals may also benefit from organic tampons since they are typically not made with artificial fragrances, chlorine and other chemicals.

Choosing The Best Organic Tampons

When shopping for organic tampons, it is important to pay attention to the absorbency levels. The absorbency lets you know how much menstrual fluid a product can hold. Brands typically categorize absorbency by terms like light, regular, moderate, super, super plus and similar words. You can check out the descriptions on the product pages to learn more about the absorbency levels of these tampons.


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