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Potassium Gluconate

Ensuring that you’re getting enough of the essential nutrients and minerals is important to aid in becoming your healthiest self, for the majority of people the intake of essential nutrients and mineral, such as potassium, come solely from food. But some people find out from their doctors that they need other forms of potassium supplementation. If your medical provider has suggested that you increase your intake of potassium to address a deficiency, CVS can help you choose an appropriate supplement. In this product selection, you'll find potassium gluconate supplements that you can shop and purchase online.

What Is Potassium Gluconate?

Potassium is an essential mineral that the human body needs to function properly but cannot produce on its own. The mineral is stored in every type of tissue in the body and is necessary for proper cellular function. Your body also needs potassium for your muscles, nerves, kidneys, and heart to work properly.

Dealing With Potassium Deficiency

Since your body cannot manufacture potassium, you must get your supply of the mineral from the food that you eat. Some fruits, some vegetables, lentils, beans, milk, yogurt, meat, poultry, and fish are all sources of the mineral. People in the United States may be deficient in potassium or other nutrients/minerals due to the prevalence of processed foods and increased salt consumption. Individuals that may be at an increased risk of being deficient in potassium include those that have certain digestive disorders, those with frequent use of laxatives or diuretics, among others. A lab test from your doctor will be needed to confirm if you are deficient in potassium. Potassium gluconate supplements can provide more potassium for the body and can be taken to help reduce the risk of or address deficiencies.

Potassium Gluconate Supplements

While potassium is an important nutrient, most people get enough potassium from their diet and do not require supplementation. The decision to take potassium supplements should be made by talking to your doctor. It's important to consult your medical provider before adding a potassium gluconate supplement to your diet. Individuals with certain medical conditions or allergies and those who take certain medications or other supplements may not be able to take potassium gluconate safely. Your health care provider can determine if potassium supplementation is something you need, help recommend the right dose, and can help you select the various options of potassium supplementation that exist. Always follow the directions for use printed on the bottle unless a medical professional has given you other advice.